Enclosures remodeled remodeled

May 31, 2009 at 12:40 am (enclosures)

I had notice that Gristle and Banyin are not that happy with the enclosure that i made for them so i had remodeled they enclosure and they like the new one better then the old one.

the old enclosure setup:

From scorpines

In the old one i use information that i gather from the web regarding the conditions to keep this species in captivity such as the substrate, humidity, false bottom tank, water dish and all of that.

what i came up was a really heavy tank with a lot of mud in it.

so i ditch all of the unwanted items (flase bottom tank,rocks,peat soil) and i use a substrate that i’m keeping Sanyan and Eve with which is mix saw dust.

Yes i know that it is not conventional but it works great. it holds moisture well, doesn’t create a mess, the scorpions can burrow in it, no mites, and it is easily available for me to use in tons of them.

i still use a modified version of a false tank but it doesn’t actually hold any visible water.

the setup is the illustration below.

The water is poured into a pipe ala false bottom but instead of the water pooling at the bottom it seeps into the substrate. the bottom layer of substrate has been made wet so it would act as a sponge to the top layer. as moisture from the top layer is lost, it is replace by the moisture from below.

From Downloads

the pros of this setup is that i can add keep a lot of water inside the substrate and not making it too wet, the top layer is always in a constant state of moistness, i don’t have to spray the enclosure, and the scorpions are cleaner.

the cons: it may only work on this particular substrate and i cannot control the water seepage.

this is the new setup:

From scorpines

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