really different personalities

June 2, 2009 at 2:02 am (participants)

i have observed the characters/ personalities of all of my scorpions and what i find is that Banyin and Gristle are very nervous up to an extend that they will run into the burrow when feeding time.

Sanyan and Eve on the other hand will go into defensive posture when i’m putting the meal worms in for them.

this different personality traits that i observed requires more in-depth observation and also a control experiment where the scorpions will be place under solitary confinement to see if their behavior is influence by their partners in the enclosures.

Another trait that i can see is that Sanyan and Eve are comfortable in the light either it is sunlight or my room light. they seem to have adjusted to the situation.they don;t even go into their hides anymore.

it is the complete opposite to Banyin and Gristle. they will not venture out of their hides unless it is really dark. i can only observe them under red light.


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