The participants

Let’s meet the participants of the program.

From scorpions log

This is Eve. She is a female that i caught in a surau where i go for prayers. Luckily she didn’t sting anyone or got killed because she was hiding beneath the prayer mat. i would describe her as nervous yet docile.

From scorpions log

This is Sanyan. A male. I found him at a side walk trying to find a place to hide in the middle of a town. it was a Saturday and luckily he didn’t stung anybody considering it was a busy street in front of a shopping mall. he is ok but prefers not to be disturbed. He ha a very handsome defense stance.

From scorpions log

This is Banyin. a female. a sub adult judging from the color of the telson.found it wandering near a long house in Kanowit. The name that i gave to it is the name of the long house Rumah Banyin. Very fierce and is very reclusive.

From scorpions log

This is Gristle. He is the newest to join the project. an adult male. when i caught him, he was not in a good state. his telson was incomplete, some pectinal teeth were also missing, and the mouth area doesn’t look symmetrical. He does have vary strong pincers. he is very domineering and chase away Sanyan when i introduce him to the same enclosure.


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