Welcome To H. Longimanus Captive Breeding Program

This blog is dedicated to the captive breeding of 4 scorpions (H. Longimanus) or commonly known as the Asian Forest Scorpion.

From Collages

All of the scorpions on this blog were caught when they pose a danger to themselves and also to the humans around them. All of them were caught in or near human structures.



  1. lester said,

    nice blog 🙂

  2. junshern said,

    nice one!this is the heterometrus we are looking for other than spinifers!

    • akagidemon said,

      yup. it all started when 1 of them crawled into my room. and in 2 weeks time i already have 4 H.longimanus and 1 liocheles.
      hope they will start to breed.

  3. aros said,

    breed breed breed and start giving!

  4. Fai said,

    host they breed as fast as the rocket

  5. s9843252 said,

    Hi sam …

    any updates ???


  6. akagidemon said,

    lol. no updates. i’m sorry.

    the longis are really quite.

    very quite sp.

    top tip:

    if you want a vibrant, energetic and active scorpion don’t go for a longimanus. they don’t do anything beside sleeping and they eat only when you don’t see them.

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